CNC Milling

Our Vertical Milling section comprises of three Eagle X5 Five Axis Machining Centres, two 1000E's, two 760E's, one Eagle 1500, three Cincinnati Sabre's, three Cincinnati Arrow's and a Yang Eagle machine with bed capacities ranging from 500mm to 1500mm in "X" and 500mm to 740mm in "Y", with a 4th axis on two of the machines and spindle speeds ranging from 8,000rpm to 15,000rpm.

The skills of the staff in this section means that we are able to work on one off R&D prototypes with a rapid turnaround to the machining of small, medium or large batches of precision components in most ferrous and non-ferrous materials, as well as ceramics and plastics.

This section has been the backbone of Newcom from the start with the machines now achieving greater accuracies, having greater reliability and with a controlled maintenance program have minimum disruption to our production. All of the machines are DNC linked so that programming can either be done at the machine or for the more difficult components offline on our CAD system, this has enabled us with specialist fixturing and tooling to produce near "5 axis" machining work at a fraction of the cost.