CNC Turning

Our Turning section comprises of three Daewoo Puma C axis lathes, two with sub spindles, one Hyundai C axis lathe, one Hyundai HiT8, one Yang ML25, one Eagle 100 and one Yang Eagle 12. All of the lathes are magazine fed with a bar capacity ranging from 5mm up to 76 mm diameter, with 300mm maximum diameter for chuck work. With the introduction of the Puma's with C axis, the turning section can now produce complete machined items without having to pass these onto the milling section for the cross holes, flats etc.

With this investment it has greatly increased productivity even with the extra time for setting, which has meant that this section is now on a par with the milling area. The machines now achieve greater accuracies so that it cuts out some of the sub-contracting, have greater reliability and with a controlled maintenance program have minimum disruption to our production. All of the machines are DNC linked so that programming can either be done at the machine or for the more difficult components offline on our CAD system.

As with the milling section the skills of the staff in this area means that we are able to work on one off R&D prototypes with a rapid turnaround to the machining of small, medium or large batches of precision components in most ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as ceramics and plastics.