Mechanical Assembly

As with our CNC sections the Mechanical Assembly department is able to respond to our customer's demands for one off R&D projects, to the assembly of small, medium or large batches. Within this service we will also source fabricated, specialised items, electrical components and dedicated customers items for each assembly or kit of parts.

Within this department we also have a Grainer, Vapour Blaster(wet), Beadblaster(dry), a Bush Inserter and other ancillary equipment. This enables us to ensure that the quality and finish of our machined components are to a very high standard before they go to our preferred sub-contractors for plating and painting, this in turn ensures our customers receive the quality and finish that they expect.

With us sourcing and manufacturing the whole assembly our customers are receiving a complete fully functional unit, with no waiting for this block, little connector or painted item. With this and our delivery scheduling they are able to concentrate on their own field of expertise, which in turn enables them to cut their costs and improve quality of the finished items and in some cases output. This as always in the manufacturing world of today is a must for any forward thinking company.