Inspection & Quality

Here at Newcom we think that Quality and the name Newcom runs hand in hand as we believe our dedication, commitment and Quality are second to none in the precision engineering field of manufacture.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We have a quality procedure manual for all of our services and also run a production control system with full certification if required for all of our supplied items. As required by this standard we run an internal audit system for all of our procedures and follow up with any changes required to ensure that we are working to and surpassing the standard.

Our Quality and Inspection department have a Quantum 6104 CMM with 3D and 2CAD software, a Brown and Sharp Reflex 454 CMM, Baty R14 Shadowgraph, Trimos Height Gauge as well as calibrated Gauging and Inspection equipment.

Newcom’s gauging and measuring equipment, as well as our employees measuring equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis by AQA. At present they visit us three times a year and we keep records of all the equipment checked.

As with all of our departments our Quality and Inspection department also works in close partnership with our customers, we can then ensure that all of our machined, finished items and services are up to our customer’s expected required standard. With regards to this or any other Quality issues a visit from you or your quality representatives is most welcome as we are sure that any inspection from yourselves will benefit not only you but also ourselves as well.